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From a young age, I have always been drawn to history as well as stories of fantasy and mythology. After visiting England a few years ago (taking pictures with primarily a Polaroid camera!), I knew I had to write a story that took place there. I hope to return there some day for a more extensive visit and do research for further stories.

It wasn’t until third grade that I finally found the book genres I enjoyed to read, and my mandatory summer reading (enforced by my mom) became a personal challenge to see how many I could read between school years. Luckily, the library was a short bike-ride away, and I could go whenever I wanted! In fifth grade I began writing silly poetry, and my fifth-grade teacher English-Literature teacher dubbed me “Dr. Suze,” and the nickname resounded with me for many years.

When not writing or researching for my current or next novel, you may find me working on or searching for intriguing new patterns for knitting and sewing projects; or perhaps I am drawing or out at a movie. More likely than not, I am multitasking all those activities whilst at the same time perusing GoodReads for my next great read.

I live with my husband, plants, and computer in St. Louis, Missouri.

Writing rich in:

Historical Fiction & Fantasy

Late Middle Ages



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