Rise of the Charioteer Series
~ Book 3 ~
A black-hearted king 
An apprentice healer 
And the race to beat the deadly nexus. 

AD 1356 

Life has barely returned to normal when the Oracle brings another dire quest to Chaddesden. This time, however, it’s not a knight she seeks but a healer. Brynwen will need all her skills to find a priceless gem which can thwart her enemy’s nefarious plots to reshape the world. Unfortunately, the last person who searched for it disappeared without a trace.  

When her mission runs afoul of the King of the Underworld, Brynwen must make a choice: join his subterranean world as court healer or watch her friends die. To complicate things further, they discover a traitor within their midst—someone who wants both the gem and their demise. 

Can Brynwen navigate the king’s underground lair in time, or will she remain trapped in the underworld forever? 

Perilous is a historical fantasy novel set in mid-fourteenth century England with a strong incorporation of Roman mythology. 

Publication Date: TBD Late 2023

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