A Rise of the Charioteer Novel

~ Book 1 ~

A powerful sorceress  
A cursed knight 

AD 1356

Knight Padric de Clifton thought his recent assignment as lieutenant of quiet Chaddesden, Derbyshire, would be easy enough to manage. That is, until villagers disappear under mysterious circumstances. Not believing the rumors that they vanished as if by witchcraft, the task falls to Padric to find them. However, before he can get very far with his investigations, a cryptic prophecy charges him to rescue the missing villagers and find a missing artifact. 

As though that weren’t enough, days later, he discovers the mastermind behind the chaos: a beautiful sorceress. However, their encounter leaves Padric cursed, transformed into a creature out of ancient Roman mythology, and he is unable to return home.  

He must find the sorceress’s lair, but there is more at stake than just the villagers’ safety—the world and everything they hold dear may be in grave peril if he doesn’t reach them in time. 

Sorcerous is a historical fantasy novel set in mid-fourteenth century England with a strong incorporation of Roman mythology. 

Publication date: November 19, 2021

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