Rise of the Charioteer Series
~ Book 2 ~
A vengeful god 
A rightful heir 
And only a handful of days 
to save the world

AD 1356 

Time is running out. 

A wrong committed millennia ago leads Padric on a quest to stop a plot that threatens all of humanity. There is only one catch—Padric must first prove himself worthy to be heir of the ancient charioteer. 

But Padric is not the only one in line for the honored seat. A second claimant has entered the competition, and there can only be one victor.

As ever, nothing is straightforward. Secrets and magic threaten to crumble the already shaky footing Padric and his friends forge to save the world. Can they rescue everyone by the solstice as the prophecy demands? 

Treacherous is a historical fantasy novel set in mid-fourteenth century England with a strong incorporation of Roman mythology. 

Publication Date: August 31, 2022

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